Reinhold Pratschner

Short artistic biography

Reinhold Pratschner was born in 1966 in Tyrol, Austria. Even during his schooldays his talent was recognized and encouraged by the artist Evi Fersterer. After graduating from school there followed the first journey to Paris. In 1986 he began to study architecture in Innsbruck, Tyrol. A second stay in Paris in 1987 gave him further deep insights into original works of art. Afterwards an important contact was established with the painter Inge C. Pohl, professor and artist in Innsbruck. Pratschner's correlation of painting and architecture led to an intensified engagement with sculpture. Several exhibitions followed in Austria.
After gaining his final degree in architecture he lived and worked in Sofia, Bulgaria. He returned to Austria at the beginning of 2000, where he stayed until 2002, followed by several years in Belgrade, Serbia, until 2005. He exhibited in Belgrade and Novi Sad. In 2005 he moved to Kiev, Ukraine, where he shared experiences with local artists. An exhibition in the context of the "Salt Symphony" was held in Soledar. He relocated to Vienna in 2007. From 2012 to 2015 Reinhold Pratschner has lived in Milan, where he has had close contact to the Austrian sculptor Rudi Wach and the author Karl Lubomirski. Another solo exhibition took place in September 2014 in the "Galleria Francesco Zanuso" in Milan. In spring 2016 the Austrian Cultural Forum in Rome has presented new works also in a solo exhibition. In summer 2016 Reinhold Pratschner has moved to Ljubljana, Slovenia, where he currently lives and works. In spring 2017 the "Südtiroler Kulturinstitut" has invited him to exhibit his works in the framework of "Blick Kunst Tirol" in Bozen. In autumn 2017 the "Galerija Druzina" in Ljubljana has shown recent oil paintings, grafic works and one sculpture of iron wire. At the same time until the end of 2017 paintings and sculptures are presented in the Ministry of the Interior in Vienna.